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Name: Shion 「紫苑」

紫苑 → シオン → Shion

Romanization: Hepburn romanization, the most widely used Japanese romanization method, uses 'shi' as opposed to 'si'. Official merchandise has used both Shion and Sion as spellings, though no "official" spelling has been given at this time. I'm going with Shion as it makes more sense, the Japanese fanbase seems to prefer it, and other characters with the same name have been translated as Shion.

Namesake: Tatarian Aster, Aster tataricus. In flower language, it means "thinking about you, always" or "I will never forget you".

The Aster is often regarded as a symbol of patience, love, and charm. It was once believed that the scent of burning asters could drive away serpents.

The English word “Aster” is derived from the Greek word “astron” and the Latin word "astrum", both meaning “star” in reference to the shape of the flower.

Some people believe that his name is a reference to Zion (also シオン in katakana), a term meaning "the Kingdom of God".

Shion claims that his mother named him such because she enjoyed picking wild flowers and planting trees in her youth, and Karan's garden and the various small trees surrounding their home in Chronos are proof of this fact. Shion appeared to be slightly defensive of his name as a child (as it's feminine, though rarely used with his kanji) yet has apparently come to accept it over the years, as he's never seemed to be uncomfortable with it after the time skip.

紫 → purple, violet
苑 → garden, luxurious growth

In the novels, Shion's eyes are said to be of his namesake, a pale lavender. It is unclear if they were this way before he was a host to the parasite wasp or not. However, as I'm technically taking Shion from the anime (on this account), his eyes will remain red.

Surname: No surname is ever given or mentioned at any time throughout the series in relation to either Shion or Karan (his mother). In fact, a surname isn't given for any character whatsoever, leading many to assume that last names aren't used in No.6, as characters can be distinguished using their identification number. Though Japanese honorifics are used, (for example, "Rikiga-san" and "Safu-san" ) even authorities and teachers call everyone by their first names only, which seems to solidify this argument.
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