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The location of No.6 is never explicitly stated to be in Japan, though it's heavily implied. Our only idea of its location on a map is as follows:

"a typhoon that had developed a week ago off of the southwestern area of the North Pacific Ocean had made its way north, gathering power, until it hit us directly in the city of No. 6."

In the anime, Shion's messages to his mother are written in Japanese. However, the books Nezumi reads are in English and read from left to right, leading the language they're speaking and reading to be unclear.

The Japanese honorofic -san is used in relation to some names ("Rikiga-san" by Shion and "Safu-san" by the authorities, teachers, government officials) though no other honorifics are used. Lili calls Karan "Obaachan", but seeing as that the original media is in Japanese, this is probably something that I'm reading too deeply into.

Also in the anime, No.6 appears to be distinctively Western in operation and appearance. For example, cars drive on the right side of the road with the driver seated on the left and the food and customs seen are also Western in nature.
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