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[ooc] HMD

Here's the place to tell me if I'm failing, doing something wrong, or even passing with a decent grade. I'd love to see how I'm doing! I don't want to ruin one of my very favourite characters, so any advice at all would be greatly appreciated! Nobody's perfect, so I'd love it if you could suggest some things I could do to improve. Thank you so much, and I'll continue to do my best!

I'm pulling this particular version of Shion from the anime's canon, at the very end of episode 10 before the elevator opens, and blending it with the novel's canon (as they follow each other up until this point), meaning all the way through the end of volume 7. My choices in Shion's characterization and speech pattern are based primarily off of the novels with the anime as a secondary source, using the introspection shown in the novels as a firm ground in addition to filling in the gaps in the anime with the novel's scenarios. I've read the novels and guide book and seen the anime in all of their entirety and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have concerning any choices I make.

Feel free to post normally or anonymously; all comments are screened and IP logging is off. Be as harsh as you'd like as long as the criticism is constructive; anything is welcome! Whether it be praises or flames, a few words or six paragraphs.... anything goes!